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Fnnl It (Funnel It) is a digital marketing agency for local businesses. We believe that your entire online presence such as your website, business listings, social media channels, etc… is a type of sales funnel that brings in customers.  We will help you optimize your current funnels, build new funnels and grow your business. 


Learning the latest tactics in digital marketing can be overwhelming and time consuming while trying to run your business. You know that your business needs digital marketing to keep up with your competitors but with so much noise and information on the web, you don’t know where to begin.

At Fnnl It, we like to keep things simple. We’ll sit down together, learn as much as we can about your business, do a complete audit of you online presence and come up with a digital marketing strategy that fits your needs and budget. Different businesses require different strategies, but the one thing they all need is an online presence that can be trusted.

The most important factor for your business is building a brand that people can trust. It doesn’t matter how great your website looks or how active your social media is if your reviews are terrible or have no reviews.  If you put yourself in your customers shoes, you’ll understand that many people will do their due diligence before making a purchasing decision.

If your business is struggling to generate leads through the web, give us a call and we’ll help you build your brand together.

Meet The founder

Peter Pheap is Creative Entrepreneur who’s worked with major brands such as Google, Intel, Adobe, Cisco, ASUS, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Stanford University – helping them tell their stories through digital media production.  He traded the crazy fast-paced lifestyle of the Bay Area for his hometown of Beaverton, Oregon in pursuit of slowing things down and spending more quality time with his family.

Realizing there is a huge need for local businesses to tell their story, is what led him to start Fnnl It (Funnel It), LLC.  A digital marketing agency for local businesses.

Outside of his business, he’s a husband and father of two young boys and his family means everything to him.  He’s a professional photographer, video producer, music producer, audio engineer, web designer, and online marketer.  He’s also had over 12+ years in the non-profit sector helping low-income youth all of the Bay Area while training media production to teachers all over the world in partnership with Adobe.

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